Who We Are

Canadian Advanced Air Mobility (CAAM) is a socially responsible, federal not-for-profit consortium that acts as the national catalyst for the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry in Canada.


CAAM launched to fill the growing need for collaboration in AAM.


Members spanning industry, govenrment, academia, and associations.


Regional communities engaged on AAM projects.


A unified national strategy for Zero-Emission Advanced Air Mobility with regional implementation in Canada.


To build an ecosystem of national collaboration in creating and operating a sustainable, equitable and profitable Advanced Air Mobility industry in Canada.

What we do

Education & Awareness

We help organizations and individuals understand what is happening in the rapidly developing AAM industry.

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Project Support

We help government, industry, and academia orient and fund the projects that bring us closer to a more equitable and sustainable aviation future.

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How we work


Our members contribute to projects that move the industry forward, not just themselves. Membership is currently considered on a case-by-case basis.

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Executive Committees

Regional executive committees support members and their engaged supporters by launching feasibility studies and proposing relevant use cases for their region.

National Board

Our national board oversees regional decision making and ensures national collaboration on AAM projects.

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Our values

Vulnerability is Strength

We feel safe to share our failures, knowing we fail and succeed together.

Conscious Action

We take action with 7 generations in mind. We hold up people and places without a voice.

Rise to the Challenge

We believe a zero emissions future can happen in our lifetime, and work to create it.

Adapt Together

We acknowledge when something isn’t working or out of our control, and find new paths.

Celebrate the Journey

We celebrate the small wins each week; this is a long journey to a better tomorrow.

Our members

Meet the organizations leading the zero emissions future of aviation in Canada.

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