Advanced Air Mobility changes the way we move.

$ 0 Billion
Will be spent globally
eVTOL Aircraft will enter service

Global estimates over a 20 year period by Nexa Advisors

Advanced Air Mobility is the next frontier in aviation.

People, goods and services will be transported

using electric and hydrogen fuel cell technology

within and between urban and regional settings

to people and places that have been previously underserved.

Faster. Cleaner. Equitably.

Join the worlds best in creating Canada's future

We're building an ecosystem of national collaboration towards a sustainable, equitable and profitable Advanced Air Mobility industry in Canada.

Our goals are simple.

Zero emissions from Advanced Air Mobility operations in Canada.

40 billion revenue passenger kilometres per year by 2040.

40 million freight tonne kilometres per year by 2040.

A national strategy with Regional implementation

Canada is known for its incredible diversity.

We’re launching and managing each region in sequence to ensure that Advanced Air Mobility can celebrate the diversity of each areas needs.

British Columbia



Atlantic Canada

Central Canada

Northern Canada




All of Canada United across six pillars

What makes us unique internationally is our commitment to six pillars that we believe are necessary to make AAM an agent of global positive change.

We believe AAM must fairly benefit all members of the community it serves as much as possible.

AAM must work to include the diverse race, gender, religion and sexual orientation of users​

AAM must be adaptable, responsive and multi-mission oriented​

AAM must integrate and expand on existing transportation modes and networks.

AAM must be provide equal opportunity for use across all users, regardless of ability.

AAM must lead the charge in the decarbonization of transportation established in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Advanced Air Mobility is a game-changer. Joining CAAM is an exciting next step!

Danny Sitnam _ Edited
Danny Sitnam
President & CEO, Helijet

As Advanced Air Mobility is emerging, it brings with it an opportunity to center equity and justice right from the beginning – co-writing the new transportation narrative of the future.

Teara Fraser
Founder & CEO, Iskwew Air

Partnering with CAAM enables us to develop strategic action plans that will benefit Canada’s world leading auto manufacturers and technology developers.

Warren Ali
Sr. VP of Innovation, Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association

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