The future of transportation is coming.

Join the conversation and create Advanced Air Mobility with us.

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AAM will redefine the way we move.

$318 Billion

will be spent globally


eVTOL aircraft will enter service

Global estimates over a 20 year period by Nexa Advisors

CAAM brings all voices to the table

We’re on a mission to build an ecosystem of national collaboration in creating a sustainable, equitable and profitable Advanced Air Mobility industry in Canada.

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Our vision

We’re working towards an industy that is.…


Above all else, for all people involved.


Travel more easily at a fraction of the cost


Using quieter, zero emission aircraft


Connecting people underserved by transportation


Unlock new routes between communities

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ICAO Advanced Air Mobility Symposium 2024

Under the theme "Advanced Air Mobility Global Harmonization and Interoperability: Challenges and Opportunities," AAM 2024 promises to be a nexus of innovation and collaboration. Together with ICAO, we are bringing together key stakeholders from industry, academia, government, and international organizations to explore innovative technologies, best practices, and collaborative solutions.

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