Canadian Advanced Air Mobility Master Plan



$1 million CAD




April 2021

Est. Timeline:

24 months

About the project

The Opportunity 

It is unreasonable for private industry, research institutions, governments and regulators to self-assemble themselves into any form that could resemble a global aerospace leader within the predicted $318 billion USD Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) sector. The solution to this challenge is structuring a unified Canadian AAM Master Plan. 

The Master Plan will leverage Canadian Advanced Air Mobility Consortium (CAAM) as the unified national voice for the new Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) sector in Canada. 

AAM will bring about transformation in a number of industries (human transportation, emergency response, cargo/package logistics ect) and also holds the potential to rewrite an entire industry’s management of environmental and social needs.

The opportunity for Canada in crafting the AAM Master Plan is to align, structure and communicate how AAM will be integrated into the existing air and land resources in Canada.

Project Overview

Phase 1 – 20 Year AAM National Roadmap

Phase 1 is designed to organize and deliver a strategic roadmap for AAM focused on the next 20 years. It will address factors such as safety, regulations, scalability, flexibility and resilience. Environmental responsibility and societal acceptance will be considered from end to end. The three goals are:

  • Define the unifying national AAM vision for Canada
  • Identify gaps & barriers in accomplishing the vision
  • Create the national AAM implementation Roadmap & Master Plan

Phase 2 – Regional Implementation Strategies

Phase 2 will apply the Master Plan to initial AAM operational markets in Canada, specifically Vancouver & Toronto. Phase 2 is designed to de-risk AAM operations, coordinate business planning, and expedite technology integration required to activate revenue generating use cases. In conjunction with the ongoing Vancouver and Toronto AAM projects, the goals for Phase 2 are to:

  • Design airspace structure, flight routes, physical infrastructure maps and noise footprints for urban and rural operations
  • Develop Concept of Operations (CONOPS) for specific AAM use cases and integration with RPAS Traffic Management (RTM)

If done correctly, Phase 1 and 2 together will provide considerable learnings and insights for governments, regulators and industry to prepare for this new industry and offer insight for larger markets around the world to do the same.

Status: In Progress