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We see collaboration behind shared vision as the best way to change the world. Meet our team below, and consider joining us!

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Executive Committee: British Columbia

  • Dr. Sanja Boskovic

    Associate Dean, Aerospace, BCIT

  • Eric Lefebvre

    Aerospace Research Centre, NRC

  • Niklas Kviselius

    Manager, New Mobility, Translink

  • Danny Sitnam

    President & CEO, Helijet International

  • JR Hammond

    Founder & CEO, Canadian Air Mobility

We’re in the process of forming our other executive committees.

If you’re interested in learning more about our committees, contact us.

Strategic Advisors

  • Michael Dyment

    NEXA Advisors

  • Kara Strang

    Aerospace Research Centre, NRC

  • Greg Descantes

    Pace Group Communications

  • Tianna Harper

    Aerospace Research Centre, NRC

  • Charles Vidal

    Aerospace Research Centre, NRC

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