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TransLink is Metro Vancouver’s regional transportation authority and as an enterprise, we’re proud to be one of BC’s Top Employers. Stand on a street corner in Metro Vancouver and very likely, within a couple minutes, you’ll see us!

We are the people and goods movers for our region. But, what does that mean? We manage and operate an integrated regional transportation system — connecting communities by bus, rail, SeaBus, custom transit services, pedestrian and cycling paths, the Major Road Network and five bridges. Helping people and goods get from A to B — that’s our bread and butter. At the same time, we help deliver the region’s goal of creating a greener, more sustainable, more livable Metro Vancouver.

We serve 500,000 people a day — young and old from all parts of our region and all walks of life. We deliver them to the people and places that matter to them, and back again. Our employees are united by the common goal of delivering the best to our customers no matter where they work — the shop floor, in the drivers’ seat, planning for the future, managing our Compass Card system, keeping customers safe, or staffing our stations, just to name a few.

Our enterprise includes TransLink and three operating companies: B.C. Rapid Transit Company, Coast Mountain Bus Company, and Transit Police.

Each of our members have committed to building the future of Advanced Air Mobility. We're committed to helping all of them work together to get there safely.

JR Hammond

Executive Director

Canadian Advanced Air Mobility

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