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We help clients tackle complex challenges in the built environment by combining innovative thinking, collaborative problem solving and a passion for expanding the boundaries of the possible.

We offer consulting for the Advanced Air Mobility industry, within Urban Air Mobility and Vertipad design, including:

Safety of the Environment:

  • Assessment of wind flows in the urban canyon and their impact on VTOL operations
  • Vertipad siting and design to ensure safe landing and takeoff operations while maximizing availability of the vertipad

Increasing public acceptance of urban air mobility (UAM) through:

  • Assessment and mitigation of noise impacts
  • Assessment of rotor downwash
  • Support for city planning and land use compatibility assessments

The aerospace insight and expertise from RWDI are paramount. CAAM is honored to welcome RWDI into the Canadian AAM ecosystem.

JR Hammond

Executive Director

Canadian Advanced Air Mobility

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