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Over the next twenty years, the aerospace and transportation sectors will undergo fundamental changes as world economies attempt to address core economic, infrastructure and operational challenges.

These changes are driven by a complex combination of continuing expansion of the global economy, sector disintermediation, rampant commodity inflation, and the pace of technological change. All are underscored by financial market uncertainty, environmental pressures and continuing security concerns.

We seek outstanding deals in specific sectors for our investment partners, where transformational ideas and effective management teams can benefit from NEXA expertise and working capital. NEXA Capital Partners provides corporate and strategic financial advisory services, and capital investment, to the aerospace, transportation, logistics and homeland security sectors.

We work with outstanding companies and management teams currently positioned to benefit from emerging factors driving sector transformation. We seek opportunities that will eventually lead to high growth public market offerings and /or acquisitions at public multiples.


Each of our members have committed to building the future of Advanced Air Mobility. We're committed to helping all of them work together to get there safely.

JR Hammond

Executive Director

Canadian Advanced Air Mobility

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