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Cascade Aerospace, an operating unit of IMP Aerospace & Defence, is a leading Canadian specialty aerospace & defence company trusted for its engineering and maintenance expertise for operators in domestic and international military, government, original equipment manufacturers and commercial environments.

For more than 15 years, Cascade Aerospace has cultivated a reputation for innovation and leadership in the aviation industry while constantly providing economic value and customer focus. Though we work in an ever-changing international marketplace, we are committed to being the industry leader in Aviation and Aerospace and it is our vision to be the globally trusted provider of aircraft support and engineering services.

To continue to offer new value that only Cascade can provide, our continuous improvement, aptly named “Flight to Excellence” or F2X, serves as our operating system and ensures we deliver the best product on time for the best value. The success of this program is driven by our highly valued employees who constantly strive to improve the operational efficiency of all our customers. We continue forward as an organization where the growth of our people is inextricably linked with the growth of our company.

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The IMP Group along with Cascade Aerospace are critical members to the CAAM ecosystem allowing us to build upon their cultivated innovation and reputation in the aviation industry. The movement to joining CAAM is the sign that the future of our Advanced Air Mobility industry continues to leverage the aviation knowledge here in Canada from members like the IMP Group and Cascade Aerospace.

Cascade Aerospace

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