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AirMarket produces FLYSAFE – Canada’s “go-to”​ software solution for professional UAS operators.

Our AirMarket FLYSAFE products make drone safety simple & compliance easy. Our proven platform is based on aviation-certified data to ensure that every drone operator can plan safe missions, fly with confidence, and comply with Transport Canada regulations.

FLYSAFE comes in two versions:

1) FLYSAFE Recreational A basic version that simply lets recreational flyers know if their planned flight is in permitted airspace or if there are restrictions/dangers

2) FLYSAFE Commercial: A Software-as-a-Solution package for small to enterprise sized professional drone operators, which archives flights, produces reports, and tracks inventory and maintenance.

There are Professional & Enterprise subscriptions tailored for the specific needs for each group. FLYSAFE is the best product of its kind in Canada, and is widely used by leading professionals and UAV instruction facilities. We update our certified database monthly, to ensure that professional operators are always working with the most current and accurate data available. Our software, literally, can help operators plan safe missions and prepare site assessments and post-flight reports in minutes – saving time, money and hassle. AirMarket. Managing Drone Flight. Ensuring Compliance.

Each of our members have committed to building the future of Advanced Air Mobility. We're committed to helping all of them work together to get there safely.

JR Hammond

Executive Director

Canadian Advanced Air Mobility

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