Jaunt Air Mobility enters Canadian Market

Darian Edwards

May 15, 2021

Image of Jaunt Air Mobility's eVOTL Aircraft, the Jaunt Journey
Jaunt Air Mobility’s Jaunt Journey eVOTL Aircraft

Jaunt Air Mobility will help shape the future of Advanced Air Mobility through design and manufacturing operations opening in Quebec, Canada. Advancing electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVOTL) aircraft infrastructure. Newly appointed President of Canadian Operations Eric Côté will lead this new venture, with 30 years of aviation expertise.  

CEO Martin Peryea has a positive outlook stating, “Locating our design and manufacturing operations to Canada aligns with our certification strategy. Canada and Quebec offer a wide range of opportunity in a established aerospace industry known for export, and we intend to capitalize on that reach. Canada is a global leader in developing and promoting clean technology and this aligns with our core values.”

“The aircraft will offer a solution for urban air mobility, cargo delivery, medical transport, and humanitarian aid.” – Eric Côté

President Eric Côté added, “The Jaunt Journey will meet the highest safety standards and eliminate GreenHouse Gases (GHG) emissions. One aircraft can eliminate the equivalent of 95 cars of GHG in congested city driving conditions. The aircraft will offer a solution for urban air mobility, cargo delivery, medical transport, and humanitarian aid.”

Jaunt Air Mobility is a member of the Canadian Advanced Air Mobility (CAAM) Consortium, helping structure the future of sustainable transportation in Canada. Contributing and collaborating through a network of organizations establishing air mobility domestically and internationally. Ultimately building on UAV Research and Development operations in progress, they intend to create opportunities for Canadians through eVOTL development and manufacturing resources.  

JR Hammond, CEO of CAAM accredited, “Jaunt Air Mobility’s expansion into Québec showcases the commitment to the future of aviation here in Canada. As an integral member of the CAAM ecosystem, the leadership behind Eric Côté & Martin Peryea are catalyzing the future of Advanced Air Mobility in Canada. This expansion is the sign that Canada will continue to benefit from attracting global investment enroute to our vision of connecting Canada and the world through the future of flight.” 

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About CAAM / Nav Canada:

Canadian Advanced Air Mobility (CAAM) is a Federal Not For Profit organization that acts as the catalyst for the new Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry. CAAM has a partner network with over 50 organizations including industry, academia, private capital and all levels of Canadian government to launch projects aiming at getting the AAM industry off the ground. Our goal is to create a national AAM strategy for Canada while implementing regionally relevant business use cases. CAAM was founded in partnership with Canada’s leading federal research and development organization, the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). Together, CAAM and the NRC collaborate with Canadian regulators Transport Canada and NAV Canada to create the clearest path for connecting Canada and the world through the future of flight.

About Jaunt Air Mobility

Jaunt Air Mobility is a new generation aerospace organization. Jaunt Air Mobility designs and manufactures vertical take-off and landing, electric and hybrid, piloted and autonomous aircraft for advanced air mobility to serve several markets. A world leader in Reduced Rotor Operating Speed (ROSA™) aircraft, combining the efficiency of an airplane with advanced helicopter performance. Jaunt Air Mobility is developing the aircraft in partnership with global aviation suppliers such as BAE Systems and operators around the world such as Walle Mobility and Varon Vehicles.