Next Generation AAM Manufacturing: Cluster Building



$350,000 CAD




April 2021

Est. Timeline:

12 months

About the project

The Opportunity

Canada is privileged to be home to the leading aerospace and automotive manufacturing companies worldwide. The emerging Advanced Air Mobility sector will bring Canada’s conventional expertise in both the automotive and aerospace industries in direct alignment with manufacturing the zero emissions aircraft of the future. From prototyping to full scale production, Canada possesses the experience and capacity to bring the Advanced Air Mobility sector to life safely and quickly.

The Canadian Advanced Air Mobility Consortium (CAAM) is the unified national voice for the new Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) sector in Canada. 

This Next Generation AAM Manufacturing | Auto + Aero project is designed to create a cluster of innovative manufacturing companies to supply aircraft, parts and services to the new AAM industry. Not only will this create new jobs for an already skilled manufacturing workforce, the lessons gained here can be exported to markets globally.

Project Overview

Launching the Auto+Aero cluster will enable the existing Canadian manufacturing industry to innovate the application of the skills they already possess by executing the following goals:

  • Integrating best practices from both Aerospace and Automotive manufacturing sectors 
  • Designing manufacturing technology, processes, and products for the AAM industry

This new  cluster will fuse the expertise of Canada’s existing automotive sector with our aerospace industry in manufacturing and operating these new zero emission aircraft in Canada.

The cluster will accomplish the following key milestones within the scope of this initial project:

  • Launch the Auto + Aero Cluster:
  • Build a strategic 20 Year roadmap for manufacturing in Canada
  • Integrate insight with APMA Project Aero 2.0

Status: Complete