About Us

The future of transport is about to be forever changed with the introduction of Advanced Air Mobility. We believe a collaborative discussion can create better outcomes for the diverse challenges faced by each Canadian region.



To build an ecosystem of national collaboration in creating and operating a sustainable, equitable and profitable Advanced Air Mobility industry in Canada.


A unified national strategy for
Zero-Emission Advanced Air Mobility with regional implementation.

Our values

Lean into vulnerability

We show up when we can't control the outcome. We see our vulnerability as the key to our belonging. And when we belong, we create the best collective future.

Serve the work

We understand the privilege of our position, taking responsibility for our community and the energy we bring to every interaction.

Take good care

We are respectful of the people we serve in the same way we respect ourselves. We lead with empathy and practice gratitude.

Celebrate the journey

We're all in this together. We understand our journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, and we remember to find beauty in the steps backwards and forwards.

All of Canada. United across six pillars.

What makes us unique internationally is our commitment to six pillars that we believe are necessary to make AAM an agent of global positive change.


We believe AAM must fairly benefit all members of the community it serves as much as possible.


AAM must work to include the diverse race, gender, religion and sexual orientation of users​.

Zero Emissions

AAM must lead the charge in the decarbonization of transportation established in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


AAM must integrate and expand on existing transportation modes and networks.


AAM must be provide equal opportunity for use across all users, regardless of ability.


AAM must be adaptable, responsive and multi-mission oriented​.

Partnering with CAAM enables us to develop strategic action plans that will benefit Canada’s world leading auto manufacturers and technology developers.

Warren Ali

Sr. VP of Innovation

Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association

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