Diversity Development Network of Canada

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There are several national, Provincial and Regional non profit organizations which directly
support diverse groups such as youth, women, indigenous peoples and veterans across
Canada. These groups have different missions and value propositions.

The impact of these groups working collaboratively with each other, other organizations,
industry, Industry organizations, Super Clusters, government, academia, unions and others will
be greatly enhanced and multiplied through a collaborative network.

The DDNC’s mission it to increase the reach and value for all DDNC Members through securing a continuity of
projects, in collaboration with other Stakeholders, that leverage resources to directly
increase diverse peoples’ access, entry and advancement in Canadian Industries to fill
current and future highly skilled employment gaps.

The thought leadership and insight of the Diversity Development Network is a critical partnership that CAAM is privileged to welcome into our ecosystem. This partnership continues to show the platform that we are creating in ensuring the future of aviation starts with diversity at the forefront.

JR Hammond

Executive Director

Canadian Advanced Air Mobility

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