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Canadian Air Mobility is the For Profit company mandated on Activist Environmental & Social Joint Venture and Equity Investments into the Advanced Air Mobility ecosystem. Canadian Air Mobility looks to lead the development of Advanced Air Mobility projects through investing capital and representing the increasingly complex demands of the Environmental & Social aspects critical to successful Advanced Air Mobility expansion.

After successfully launching and spinning off the world’s largest Not-for-Profit Advanced Air Mobility Consortium, the Canadian Advanced Air Mobility Consortium (CAAM), Canadian Air Mobility is rapidly expanding into new markets, revenue generating investment opportunities and driving the growth of the ecosystem in Canada and abroad.

The investment mandate of Canadian Air Mobility focuses on 3 Main Areas within the Advanced Air Mobility ecosystem. Primarily, Operations, Infrastructure & Certification.

Canadian Air Mobility, as a founding member of CAAM, continues to build upon the Governments, Academics, Industry, National Regulators and Investor connections in unlocking lucrative investment opportunities requiring the demands of Environmental & Social aspects critical to successful Advanced Air Mobility integration. The expansion of Canadian Air Mobility is backed by a continually growing list of financial and operational support and expertise representing the diverse viewpoints and interests in the developing Air Mobility Ecosystem globally.

Canadian Air Mobility is pushing for initial Advanced Air Mobility project investments beginning as early as Q2 2021 with increasing investments and opportunities enroute to operations in Canada by 2025.

Canadian Air Mobility leverages capital sources eager to gain access to the Next Revolution in Sustainable Transportation – Advanced Air Mobility.

Each of our members have committed to building the future of Advanced Air Mobility. We're committed to helping all of them work together to get there safely.

JR Hammond

Executive Director

Canadian Advanced Air Mobility

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