how does CAAM work?

Collaborating on the best way forward for the Advanced Air Mobility in Canada industry requires everyone’s voice to be heard, including the social and environmental good.

Engaged Supporters

We need engaged supporters from every industry to properly understand the needs of our Advanced Air Mobility(AAM) ecosystem here in Canada. Supporters are encouraged to respond to and share the information we send out related to AAM in Canada. A digital national open house is hosted every quarter for all of our supporters to share present challenges, brainstorm, network, and celebrate our progress.

Voting Members

Voting members demonstrate commitment to CAAM’s vision by offering their expertise in tangible ways. They listen to their regions needs above and beyond their self-interest and collaborate with their fellow voting members at bi-monthly meetings. Members fall into the subgroups of regulation and policy, infrastructure, investment and operations. Their tenure is annually renewed.

We’re currently accepting applications for voting members in all Canadian regions, please contact us if you are interested in joining as a voting member.

Executive Committee

Regional executive committees support voting members and their engaged supporters in finding the unique solutions for their particular region. They meet monthly collectively and communicate weekly between voting members and our national board.

National Board

Our national board oversees regional decision making and ensures national collaboration on AAM projects. Stay tuned for more details on the announcement of our national board members!

As Advanced Air Mobility is emerging, it brings with it an opportunity to center equity and justice right from the beginning – co-writing the new transportation narrative of the future.

Teara Fraser
Founder & CEO, Iskwew Air