Vancouver Phase 2: Operate

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The Opportunity

With the success of the Vancouver AAM Phase 1 Feasibility Study outlining the roadmap and Triple Bottom Line analysis, the focus is now placed on developing a path to an operational action plan in 2021 that will create the process and framework for revenue generating AAM operations in Canada. The Vancouver AAM Phase 2: Operate project will be the path to revenue generating operations. .

The Canadian Advanced Air Mobility Consortium (CAAM) is the unified national voice for the new Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) sector in Canada.

With Phase 2, British Columbia and Canada are set to become the epicenters of integrating a revolutionary step in implementing a Triple Bottom Line AAM use case in the medical transport industry. While Phase 2 is designed to be specific in focus and outcomes, the learnings, insights and analysis will be made publicly available nationwide for efficient replicability in both additional use cases and geographic areas.

Project Overview

In order to move AAM to revenue generating operations, Phase 2 requires we align our work with use cases including:

  • A strong social license to operate
  • An existing customer willing to pay 
  • Regulatory approval for a use case that unlocks larger and more varied use cases

The two leading use cases we are currently pursuing are:

  • Cancer Isotope Transfer – Helijet 
  • Prescription Drugs Delivery to Indigenous Nations – InDro Robotics

The first project proposal includes moving cancer isotopes from Vancouver to Victoria in collaboration with Helijet. CAAM has also partnered with InDro Robotics to expedite the required crawl, walk & run approach with regulatory authorities.

The partnership with InDro Robotics will leverage their existing approvals for utilizing an RPAS aircraft to deliver prescription medications from Vancouver Island to a remote Indigenous community on Penelakut Island in British Columbia.

This use case will allow CAAM, the regulatory authorities and our members to obtain the data, insight and process for forwarding our AAM Concept of Operations.

Status: In Progress

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