Toronto Phase 1: Feasibility

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The Opportunity

Toronto, as Canada’s most populous city and financial and economic powerhouse of the Canadian economy is suffocating under the constraints of conventional ground and hydrocarbon combustion aviation. The rapid urbanization of the metro Toronto area has created an overdue need for a new, decarbonizing method of moving people, goods and services across the region. One powerful answer is Advanced Air Mobility.  

The Canadian Advanced Air Mobility Consortium (CAAM) is the unified national voice for the new Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) sector in Canada. 

The opportunity within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for AAM must be understood and effectively communicated to relevant public, private and academic stakeholders. The Toronto AAM Phase 1: Feasibility project weaves together the needs of Economic, Environmental & Social to powerfully illustrate the future of AAM markets in the Greater Toronto Area.

Project Overview

Phase 1 requires two key components; the White Paper and Triple Bottom Line Analysis (Economic, Environmental & Social). Phase 1 will be managed by CAAM while involving local, national and international industry experts. 

The White Paper is an authoritative document intended to fully inform important stakeholders—including the public—on AAM. In this case, we will focus on the benefits and challenges of AAM in the GTA, with a particular focus on passenger transportation, cargo and air services.

While we envision a paper brimming with facts and figures, clarity will be paramount as the audience will include concerned citizens, news reporters, business leaders, and government officials, many of whom are learning about AAM for the first time. We will also focus on inclusivity, accessibility and the decarbonization goals of the Ontario and Canadian governments. 

The second aspect is the Triple Bottom Line Analysis (Economic, Environmental & Social). The analysis will be performed on a near term revenue generating use case for AAM as a result of the insight gained during the white paper. The triple bottom line report will include:

  • A framework to analyze the environmental, economic, and social impacts for AAM integration into the GTA
  • An impactful and well researched revenue generating AAM use case for the GTA

Status: In Progress

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