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D3 Technologies AG was founded in 2019 by CEO Corvin Huber in Munich, Germany. The deep tech startup is developing the only integrated traffic management system for urban aviation to date. The hardware/software solution with deterministic route planning and redundant safety levels assures the highest safety standards. It offers regions the success critical option to manage their skies in a socially acceptable manner. In addition to well known business angels such as Roby Stancel, investors in the start-up include Vector Venture Capital, SEK Ventures (Flixbus), EIT KIC Urban Mobility (an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology) and Mutschler Ventures.

D3 is a team of experienced founders and accomplished senior industry experts, supported by a dynamic engineering crew fully committed to creating an open digital traffic operating platform for automated and piloted air-taxis and drones. The D3 platform lets air vehicles share common, limited urban airspace safely, efficiently, with fair access mechanisms and public acceptance. It allows all Urban Air Mobility stakeholders to integrate into a shared digital ecosystem.

D3’s platform consists of one or several ground module and per-vehicle avionics, transceivers and sensor suites. Our proprietary safety architecture and embedded software allow for central route planning and route clearance as well as additional safety functionalities in the vehicle. The system can accept both piloted and un-piloted, fully automatic vehicles. APIs enable data exchange for application builders, enabling 3rd-party offerings. Airspace owners can manage usage. Our platform is open to all services, vehicle and added value providers and offers a complete solution for airspace owners.


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