What is Candian Advanced Air Mobility (CAAM)?

Nishant Gadihoke

April 12, 2021

Who is CAAM? Well, the acronym stands for Canadian Advanced Air mobility, in case you didn’t know. Here at CAAM, we’re committed to connecting Canada and the rest of the world through the future of flight. What is the future of flight? We believe the future of flight exists in what the world has begun to call Advanced Air Mobility(AAM). To learn more about what AAM is all about, click here. Let’s get back to learning about CAAM and what we’re all about. 

Canadian Advanced Air Mobility creates a unified national strategy for zero emission Advanced Air Mobility through a regional implementation model. We see ourselves as the catalyst for getting AAM off the ground, and once that is accomplished, driving innovation and sustainable growth in this new industry. By 2040,  we are committed to having 1 in every 5 aircrafts operating in Canada with zero emissions. While building a better future for everyone will take more than just getting zero emissions aircraft in the air, we’re confident that this north star goal helps each of our members and our entire team think strategically about the many paths to that goal.

CAAM’s Framework

We’re a federal not for profit(NFP) and work every day to get this industry off the ground in a way that is safe, equitable, inclusive, zero emissions, intermodal, accessible and resilient. Our entire structure is described in more detail here. We would encourage you to join the conversation and help us make this industry become the best it can be!

Our Triple bottom line approach

We’re strong believers in the triple bottom line framework to help us understand the social, environmental and economic impacts in every region that AAM may be valuable for the public. We know our initial studies are only the start of a long and ongoing conversation with all key stakeholders, and that because the environment can’t speak for itself we must represent it at the table with equity as a shared stakeholder in this new sector. Find our triple bottom line reports for Vancouver here. We’re in the process of developing a triple bottom line report for Toronto, and intend to continue this trend for each Canadian region we collaborate with to bring this new transportation solution to residents. 

Where is CAAM going in 2021?

We’re completely focussed on four projects that will get advanced air mobility off the ground in Canada. Look out for more information about these projects in the coming weeks, we’re excited to share more about them with you and are lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate with over 50 member organizations to complete these projects over the next year.

We’re also excited to continue to expand the articles and content here for each of our passionate readers. So many people have already reached out with interest in learning more about this new industry, and we’re excited to listen and share with each of you. You may also see us sharing and supporting our members news, as well as from some other sources that we trust such as the incredible people at eVTOL insights, the Vertical Flight Society and eVTOL.com.
If you have any more questions about who we are or what we are, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us!