CAAM’s structure and framework

April 5, 2021

You might be wondering how CAAM makes decisions and gets things done. It’s something people ask us often, and something I didn’t fully understand until spending a few weeks working with our team. CAAM is organized to bring industry, academia and the various levels of government together in a way that supports people who are going to use this new thing our industry calls Advanced Air Mobility. We dream of a future where this technology will help people like you and me, whoever and wherever you are in Canada. Let’s get right into learning about the groups that help us build this industry!

Engaged supporters

In order to build a more equitable industry than those built before, we need your help to bring as many voices to the table as possible. Our engaged supporters help us not only learn more about AAM, but also ensure that we’re hearing as many voices as possible. We consider anyone who has signed up[link] to be part of our community, and a valuable contributor to the work we’re doing. We share regular information about recent project updates, relevant news in the AAM industry, and highlight some of our amazing members that are building this industry. We encourage anyone interested in AAM who has signed up to reply to our emails and start the conversation with us about what concerns you have or what you’d like to hear more about. 


Our members are champions of this new industry, seeing the opportunity that lies ahead and believing in it enough to step forward to offer what they can to bring our shared vision to reality. Our members are involved in key projects that will get AAM off the ground in Canada, and through this collaboration have the opportunity to meet other key stakeholders in their own long term success. We call on each member’s expertise to solve problems that we don’t yet have answers to, and connect them with other members who may be able to help. Our current members can be found here. If you’re an organization that wants to get engaged in our work, we’d love to hear from you – please reach out to us here.

Executive Committee

Our executive committee members help focus our efforts on regional challenges in bringing AAM to life in line with our national AAM strategy. They are experts in their field with a willingness to draw on their own relationships and available resources to make AAM happen in Canada. We’re honoured to have a strong panel of executive committee members in both Ontario and BC, with our sights set on Quebec as the next committee to launch as we expand across Canada.

Executive Director

Our executive director is JR Hammond, who is the visionary behind CAAM. He is responsible for fulfilling our mission to make 1 in 5 aircraft operate in Canada with zero emissions by 2040. He works with the support of a team of employees and advisors to make that mission a reality every day.

National Board

Our national board works with our executive director to ensure that our application of resources and strategic decision making is as aligned as possible with the mission of CAAM. Our national board will be announced soon, please stay tuned!

H2: More Questions?We understand that organizational structures can be dry, but we hope that this brief overview has helped you get to know us a bit better. Please feel free to contact us if you have more questions about how we operate.

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